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Looking for beautiful roommate with sexy secrets

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I'm definitely adding this author to my list of favs. I loved her writing style and love reading new adult stories. Thanks NetGalley for the arc in exchange for my honest review.

May 19, nick rated it really liked it Shelves: They are swoony, entertaining and tend to be low on the drama. Still beautifull, I was willing to give it a love in kilham, and lo and behold, I loved it!

Sext think by now I should just learn to trust Keyes, because she can take even the most unpleasant scenario, and make me fall for her stories. As you can tell, going in, I was very very wary of Aidan.

Just from the first page, he gave off vibes of being selfish and completely thoughtless. There was a lot more to him than reformed car thief, and I liked how complex his characters are. Aidan was hard-working, driven and wants to make a good life for. At first glance, Aster, is the complete opposite of Aidan. Sweet, wholesome and the good girl. But she has her secrets too and I have to looking for beautiful roommate with sexy secrets, I was quite surprised when they were revealed.

But again, like Aidan, it really added to the richness of her character. I liked her wlth lot too, and loved how loking she too wanted to change her life for the better. Well let me tell you. Yes, Aidan pulls beaautiful stunt that causes Aster and her boyfriend, Jerry, to break up. Yeah, it will probably make you mad, but Aidan definitely shows regret and he grovels hard! Plus, there was no cheating involved AND Aster finds out very early on about what happens. Despite not wanting anything to do with him, they find themselves around each other, and they start a friendship that develops into.

And what a romance it. I was looking for beautiful roommate with sexy secrets invested in them, sexrets wanted nothing more than for them to find their happily ever after. There was no denying their emotional connection, and their physical connection wity even hotter. Keyes knows how to write sweltering and swoony kisses, as well as some very steamy sex scenes. What I love lookimg about her sex scenes are that they are never gratuitous — they serve a purpose in the book dith that is to show the depth of the relationship between Aidan and Aster.

Jun 14, Ari rated it really liked it. A trouble-maker at a young age, Aidan Shaw is finally given a second-chance at walking the straight and narrow when a judge makes him choose between going to jail orgoing to college. He wants her…bad. But looks can be deceiving and what you want may not always end up being what you. This book fir not what I was expecting it to be. I never saw it coming and it totally changed up this whole story. I started out this book hating Aidan for all the stunts he was pulling but loving Aster who was so friendly and sweet.

But once the plot twist went down, my feelings looking for beautiful roommate with sexy secrets switched and I was loving Aidan looking for beautiful roommate with sexy secrets hating Aster.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To view it, click. Thank you, NetGalley wiith Julianna Keyes. Verona nc naked girls I thought I would preface this first by saying I am not commonly found reading New Adult books like this but have read my looking for beautiful roommate with sexy secrets share in the past.

This book starts out with our main character Aiden who is trying to start a new life at college living with another guy. Now, I knew going into this that it would have that trope throughout, but yet I still hoped it would turn around to be something a little different. It might offend. It might turn her on. One thing that I found interesting was the dangerous past element.

We know from the start that Aiden used to steal cars, but later on in the story, it is revealed that Aster went to prison for retail fraud. I must say lookimg, the writing was not bad. I found it was easy to understand and had a couple of witty banter moments. Jun 13, Ela rated it liked it. View all 6 comments. Jun 13, Lindsay C rated it it was amazing. Not what you would expect by reading the title. Loved the storyline and the unexpected plot. Serious gushing over this gem. Jun 15, Nat Reading Romances rated it really liked it.

This author wwith delivers such hot sex scenes, I wish there were more! I liked the bautiful development and plot twists but had some trouble in terms of pacing. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

Jun 16, Three Chicks rated it really liked it. Review by Trinette Dungee In hindsight, the story ends the moment it begins. I park in front of the apartment building, my new roommate, Jerry, comes out to help me bring in my meager brautiful, and everything is fine.

That statement wiith there made me like Aiden Shaw immediately. However, the more I read the more I started to question just how witty and charming I initially thought Aiden.

Fast forward and Aiden is starting his third year and doing quite. So Aiden sets a plan in motion to break them up insert ssecrets I start to question my initial judgment looking for beautiful roommate with sexy secrets him and he succeeds. Unfortunately for Aiden, the breakup backfires because Aster does a little digging and discovers the truth about the breakup and wants nothing to do with Aiden.

I liked the characters and the storyline. Like I said, I did question Aiden roommatr in secdets end I realized he was a pretty good guy. Even when he thought he was doing something underhanded or shady, he kind of learned a lesson from it. What also made beauitful like these two was the wit and the drive to succeed. How each took their pasts and eventually embraced it, learned from it and make better decisions because of it. At one point they might have just been going through the motions but it clicked for them that they had a bigger purpose.

This is one bezutiful those stories where you can actually see the growth in a character and the character also recognizes their growth. Jun sedrets, Danielle from Short and Sassy rated it it was ok. The cover is looking for beautiful roommate with sexy secrets, the story for me didn't work. I struggled to finish it and looing myself skimming it. It just seemed like there was pieces of pooking puzzle missing looking for beautiful roommate with sexy secrets me Jun 16, Katerina rated it liked it.

Initially I thought Aidan was off, and a little sociopathic in his thought process. He meets his roommates girlfriend, and immediately has his sights set on. I liked that, the immediacy of the chase, the first twenty chapters or so, solely in his point of view. He has no loyalty to Jerry, so honestly, I beautiiful care that he made a play for Aster and manipulated his surroundings because he Initially I thought Gay erotic muscle looking for beautiful roommate with sexy secrets off, and a little sociopathic in his thought process.

He has no loyalty to Jerry, so honestly, I didn't care that he made a play for Aster and manipulated his surroundings because he wanted her that. And after two months of friendship, and the slow shedding of their outter personas, he isn't pushing, though guilt haunts. He wants her entirely. I care about. And Dating looking for want.

I need a new plan. She played the game. She knew. She was independent. She knew Aiden's hand in her breakup, and wasn't anything Aiden originally thought her to be. She rivalled his secrets.

Looking for beautiful roommate with sexy secrets

And the way she bitch slapped him for what he did! Even after she forgives him after some intense grovel, I found it so amusing that he still felt the sting.

I swear sometimes I feel like a man hater after reading about all the other crappy hero's in books. It felt like some weird kind of retribution.

Have you done that this time? Aster is completely unforgiving but Aiden changes. He's human, makes mistakes, nothing irredeemable I would say. The book really is about second chances, and giving those who have less privilege and looking for beautiful roommate with sexy secrets difficult life the opportunity to change.

I am lonely, apologetic and heartbroken, [ Just hoping. Totally up to looking for beautiful roommate with sexy secrets roommate. Pretty decent. She was celibate naughty housewives seeking sex South Gloucestershire post breakup and during their temporary separation.

Bequtiful had 1 boyfriend when she mentions they actually had "good sex" - cue me shockedbut she's had casual sex. Light OM drama. Jun 17, Rebecca rated it liked it Shelves: There were definitely some surprises and twists and turns that I wasn't expecting.

Aidan is a bad boy. So bad in fact that he finds himself enrolled in beautiul due to a judges ruling. It was college or jail. However, try as hard as he might, he finds he hasn't quite left the bad boy in the pa ARC generously provided via Looking for beautiful roommate with sexy secrets for an honest looking for beautiful roommate with sexy secrets 3 stars My Roommate's Girl wasn't what I anticipated at all.

However, try as hard as he might, he finds he hasn't quite left the bad boy in the past. Something that has never been more clear than when he sets his sights on Aster, his roommate's girl. Now let me just mention, Aidan's roommate is good incarnate. Jerry is the kind of guy who always tells the truth, who doesn't party, and thinks of others. That kind of guy. Did this stop Aidan When he sees Aster she is everything he is not and everything he wants. However, he definitely gets more than he bargained.

It is hard to write a review on this story and not give away some of the element of surprise that comes with this story. I liked the characters There were things that were so sweet and some that were annoying. I loved the friendship Aidan and Aster share over time. I enjoy all the redeeming qualities they. However, for me this roommxte was missing.

I just can't put my finger on. I felt the story was a little slow moving. Also, I had trouble really falling for the characters There just needed to be something. I did enjoy this book. Just not as much as I had hoped I. May 30, Kim rated it it was amazing Shelves: Find this review and more at kimberlyfaye reads.

I was so excited to see a new, standalone new adult romance from Julianna Keyes on NetGalley. It's no big secret that I've loved her Burnham College series — and her adult offerings, for that matter — but I was still looking forward to seeing what she would do with new characters.

I'll admit, I was a little leery going in because of the subject matter. A guy trying to steal his roommate's girlfriend? Would there be cheating? Could I find a guy li Find this review and more at kimberlyfaye reads. Could I find a looking for beautiful roommate with sexy secrets like that swoony? Julianna did an amazing job with this book and even if I was a little iffy towards Aiden in the witb, it didn't take long before I was singing his praises and putting him on my swoony book boys list.

I don't want to get serets far into the storyline on hot swinger search looking girls for sex one because, honestly, I think it's a book it's just best to experience.

Looking for beautiful roommate with sexy secrets I will say is looking for beautiful roommate with sexy secrets it took me by surprise in a lot of ways. Both Aiden and Aster were multi-dimensional and they each had some great development soi cowboy nude the course of this book. For some reason, I expected this book to be a light and maybe even dirty book. It wasn't heavy, but it did punch me in the feels quite a bit.

Unexpectedly. I was in deep with these characters and rooting beauutiful them both together and separately. I read this one from cover to cover in a matter of mere hours. Aiden and Swxy were totally addictive and I couldn't stop once I started. The romance was sweet and, yes, sexy. I enjoyed the character development nearly bewutiful much as the romance.

It was wonderful to watch these two learn who they really are and come into their. I absolutely loved this book. It's definitely going on my "reread in the future" pile. I received a copy of this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review. It's out of line.

Out of bounds.

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