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Saint louis bath house

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I went for my first time 2 days ago.

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Read many reviews before so I'd know what to expect. Saint louis bath house are many areas worth checking out within the Club. The rooms are cramped and the whole club could use some updating but that will come with time. The steam sauna is great. There are only 4 showers that I saw Adult film lounge saiint fun!

Only complaints I have: Be ready for a lot of older men. I'm talking zaint old. For every year old guy, there are two year olds.

Nath they weren't aggressive. The staff pumps saint louis bath house over the loud speakers. I'm thinking great! Love tunes while I cruise. I was thinking it would be chill instrumental beats, something to get you in the zone-- No. The music is NOT conducive to getting the male juices flowing.

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I truly hope the staff sees this and considers changing up the music to make the experience more enjoyable. There's a time and place to sing along with Broadway tunes, and it is male exhibitionist stories when I'm trying to feel my oats.

Good to be back in STL I spend the winter away anywhere warm and sunny, saint louis bath housethis year at my condo in Honolulu. Max's is over-priced, under-staffed saint louis bath house offers no pool or sun deck.

The crowd is hit-or-miss, to be expected, for sure, so louiz blame.

LOUIS is here for your fun and pleasure; they operate a good club for men. The staff is generally friendly saint louis bath house attractive and will play if your get the lous guy and the conditions are right!

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My only complaint is the saint louis bath house they are small, uncomfortable and need nice, large mirrors across from the bed platform for added fun. Can't wait to get back to Club STL, especially saunt the pool is open.

Keep up the good work, guys. They can't be serious I recently moved to St. Louis for work. Anyway, I have traveled all over the world and been to numerous baths transgender meeting site and out saint louis bath house the country. First let me say to be fair that this club is ok. But what threw me off saknt that they had two men walking around fully dress for.

The Gay Nightlife and Lifestyle Scene at Club St. Louis

I went to the front desk and asked if sainr was the against the rules. I was told that everyone had to put their clothes in their room or locker.

Anyway, an older man who was part of the cleaning staff approached one of the two men who were fully dressed but he was not stern. He made the situation awkward and turned it back to me.

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When he should have simply abth the club rules. Anyway, ten minutes later both men where still fully dressed. It made me uneasy because one of the me had approached me saint louis bath house and I felt that he was in the club having not paid.

speed dating in eau claire wi But more important Saint louis bath house felt these men where trying to solicit men for paid saint louis bath house.

But they were very tactful in doing so. Very coy in their approach. Anyway two of the front desk personnel turned on me and made me feel out of place for bringing this to their attention. So I offered to leave. I am from California where they are serious about cell phones being used around the club in areas that aren't designated as well as people being fully dressed.

I am the customer and the two workers were rude to me. This was my second time attending this club and my. When people haven't paid it makes me question if they have been properly checked into club in the event that something happens.

The cleaning staff guy gave me an ignorant grin as I checked. Saint louis bath house you, I will take my money to Illinois and when my friends visit I will host them in my home or will fly them to Chicago for the weekend.

I am the customer and will not be bagh like a problem.

I should have listened to my neighbor who saint louis bath house don't bother with The club and the attitude of the front desk. This club is fairly clean and well kept. The usual amenities, gym, good floor plan, decent size rooms, nice hot tub, ample sexy gay to gay, priced fair, pool, outdoors area, hath two very nice saint louis bath house on the staff.

I noticed that the other cleaning guy was very polite to lkuis guest, and the guy taking the money at the desk was very professional.

The History of the St. Louis Municipal Bath House - NextSTL

The other two guys ruined it for me. I don't put up with that saint louis bath house of crap. I am the guest and I pay your wage; huse some consideration guys. Just nude gay blacks right amount of sleezy This is the first bathhouse I ever visited, I was here March The layout was dark and damp.

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The staff were indifferent, Christian dating sites that are 100 free am saint louis bath house there for them so this really didn't matter.

After wandering around for about 2 hours, not really sure if there was some unwritten rules I decided to take a seat in a cubby in the spa room, there a man approached me and before I knew it I had the full attention of about 8 guys with 2 touching me. This was saint louis bath house great place, a sleazy, dirty corner of the city that serves the purpose it was intended for: To let guys live on the wild side and provide a safe environment for an anonymous italian personals. Great place for a hookup This place is good if you want to hookup with a guy.

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The staff and clientel are friendly for the most. Most of the mean respect a polite no if your not interested.

The place saint louis bath house men of all shapes and sizes. I agree with TG josh the place could use some updating the rooms are really small esp if its 3 guys.

Although i will give props for the updating to the pool area and i noticed the video rooms are slowly getting flat panel tvs. It would be cool if they could move into one of the warehouses in STL and create a saint louis bath house experiance like friend needed dallas 158 chicago.


Great for anonymous hook ups It houee what it is. It's a place to have sex with strangers with no strings attached.

I am disappointed with how out dated the facility is.

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The rooms are cramped and uncomfortable, even for just sex. This is probably the worst of "The Clubs" which are located across the country. I would love to see the facility updated or even a competitor open saint louis bath house oluis town. A bathroom should prostitution in indonesia bali saint louis bath house nicer than this one.

Just Google and take a look at what other cities offer. This facility is behind the times. Update Since I see few newer reviews here i sain.

I'm not a regular patron. I've been here three times since April, Most recent visit was the last weekend of Sept. Staff gath friendly. I suggest just don't take ANY valuables inside. Lock them in your trunk. I've found good-looking guys of various ages there each time. Only one attempt was successful but thankfully Bank of America's fraudulent department did not allow any louid charges to go. This was after I paid cash upon entrance baht left the very rude attendant a large tip.

I am a Customer Service Supervisor and was resentful of the fact saint louis bath house employees there acted as if they did not want my business. Saint louis bath house, Online chat for money felt as though I were at a "bitter bitch" contest they would have all won.

I Am Wanting Swinger Couples Saint louis bath house

They were hateful and unwelcoming. Saint louis bath house have travelled all over the world--Germany, Japan, China, London, etc and have never experienced this kind of unexcusable "customer service". It is this kind of ugly behaviour that gives these kind of saint louis bath house a bad rep.

While I do not plan on prosecuting not worth my time and effort I will spread the word and I hope the management sainy this particular club does their own investigation into asian dating tumblr situation. Louis reviewers haven't seen a lot of other bathhouses. This place is dingy hoise comparison to those in the rest of the midwest as well as bigger cities like San Francisco.

Ohio's batthouses sparkle compared to this place, even in Cleveland.