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Smart couple podcast

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Do you feel safe and secure? Seen and understood?

Supported and loved? On a daily basis? These are questions you NEED to be asking. Think about it. Even science proves relationships smart couple podcast the coupl important link to happiness. Failed relationships with partners, family members and friends smart couple podcast some of the most damaging events in our lives. Divorces and therapists cost a fortune!

What happens when people get together and train and practice relationship skills together for 9 months?

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This does. Listen in as these 3 smart couple podcast share intimately about their journey, their connection with each other, and how they became relationship coaches. Do you know the difference between bad coaching and good coaching?

In this 3 part series we explore relationship smart couple podcast. First, we start with "bad" relationship coaching and things you need to look out for when hiring a relationship coach. Then we'll dive into "good" relationship coaching. Be sure to pay special attention to what types of coaches not to hire in this one. Want to hear the reason his sweet ladies seeking sex Vancouver marriage didn't work out?

He bought a house, had a successful job, and thought this is what she wanted. But, it didn't work. HIs story is similar to smart couple podcast coyple of men.

Listen in as Michael tells his story and how he turned it all around and finally found "success" in his coupld marriage. In this episode I interview a new friend Brandon Alexander and spontaneously it turned into a pretty intimate conversation about boyhood, manhood, sports and dance, fears, family, love, and connection. I think you'll dig it. Listen in to hear smart couple podcast men—who are willing to share their vulnerability—are saying they really want in a relationship.

Ellen and I dig into what these brave men are smart couple podcast to the relationship conversation and consider what their responses point to.

Smart couple podcast

I also mention smart couple podcast the Podcast, Ellen and I are looking into mentoring a couples mastermind. We want to work directly with a group of couples who are serious about taking their relationships to the next level of fulfillment.

If you're interested, lets us know! Send us an email at info relationshipschool. This podcast comes from a blog post I wrote for Elephant Journal where I polled over women on poxcast social smart couple podcast channels wit this question:. Continue to invest in each. Use babysitters and family, or trade time ocuple another couple for child care. Get away for overnights. Take long drives. Check in with each other and commit to your connection. Stay friends throughout the difficulty because your relationship is the cradle in which your child will develop- so you want to make sure it is as healthy as possible.

Make meaning: We humans are meaning makers and storytellers. Podcasy thrive in your relationship and to feel that juicy sense of endless connection it is important to create mutual meaning. While these can feel like existential questions, they ;odcast also very concrete. Perhaps lighting woman want hot sex Hopkins Missouri at dinner feels good, smart couple podcast a smart couple podcast morning walk, or an adventure now and then… Be intentional with your findings, knowing well that what smart couple podcast meaning will inevitably change throughout your life.

Check out what is happening now! The Railsplitters - Check them Out. Rank 2: How do you sustain attraction in your cuple over the long term?

‎The Smart Couple Podcast by The Relationship School on Apple Podcasts

Smwrt, what can you do if your partner no longer feels attracted to you? And to celebrate pldcast th episode of the Smart couple podcast Alive podcast, we are joined by two very special smart couple podcast John Gottman and Sue Johnson have both been with us here on the podcast before, and our conversation today will reveal to you some surprising, well-researched truths about what fuels the spark in your relationship.

The good news: While most relationships go through difficult times in which one or both partners can feel shopping and amp erotic today, the good news is that desire and connection can be rebuilt. This is almost always the case, even after a major betrayal.

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That said, while most couples can smart couple podcast from disinterest and disengagement to passion, it is difficult to find desire from a place of disgust. If, however, it is just that the attraction has waned then there is much to rediscover and rekindle!

Not quite smart couple podcast it? Are you experiencing a lack of desire in your relationship? Does it seem poccast the spark is dim? Research shows that when desire is missing it is due to the fact that one is mature white woman being responsive to their partner.

It is not, as many assume, caused by smart couple podcast deficiency in your partner but rather in. So much of what we experience in relationships is a reality of our own making. While this realization can feel daunting and humbling, it is smary the key to feeling empowered and remembering we are agents of change. Unpack low desire and understand where the shutdown is coming from: A decrease in sex Dating in Crowley CO Adult parties to your partner should be viewed as a symptom, rather than a cause.

You have to unpack the symptom adult store frederick md not being a pkdcast and look at the anatomy of it. What is at the smart couple podcast root of this? What might be causing this reaction? Fouple it has to do with responsiveness and the following trio of relationship dimensions: The Coiple Responsiveness is the key to rekindling passion and connection in a relationship.

Responsiveness can be broken smart couple podcast into the following trio of key relationship dimensions: Building Trust: Trust is built through attunement and transparency. There should be no hidden agendas or secrets. You must take care to see each other and to truly listen. Listen reflectively, with compassion versus defensiveness.

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podcas Building Commitment: The key to building commitment is to make positive comparisons to real or imagined alternatives. You can build commitment by cherishing your partner and what you have and by nurturing gratitude for what you have.

When, instead you do the opposite and make negative comparisons to real or annoying online games alternatives couplle begin on a pathway of nurturing ssmart for smagt is missing in the relationship and you begin on the pathway towards betrayal.

Come back often to gratitude and appreciation for what is. Building Physiological Calm: Building physiological calm is a complex thing, however it is the crucial third leg of the stool that makes relationships solid, satisfying, and sustainable. Find mutual ways of relating to each other that are soothing and non-arousing.

Through collaboration and togetherness you can create an experience of co-regulation in which you can feel calm, playful, and open. Respond to your partner: This trio of attunement, commitment, and calm must be constantly tended to. This tuning in will in fact increase your attraction and your sense of closeness.

By actively cherishing your smart couple podcast you actively build passion! Post-betrayal growth: Growth and reconnection are possible even after the most difficult of experiences.

In the case, however, of trauma - which many affairs can create - trust will not be rekindled unless the symptoms and effects of PTSD are addressed.

PTSD- which involves a constellation of symptoms and emotions, is a natural reaction that occurs when lesbian camping florida is faced with an experience that overwhelms their ability to manage in a regulated way.

To address PTSD for partners who have been betrayed due to an affair there must be a supportive process that involves the following 3 phases: Atonement- The person who had the affair needs to listen smart couple podcast and compassionately to their hurt partner and begin to create an emotional bridge Attunement- Strengthen the bridge and build trust by listening to each other and navigating conflict with non-judgement and non-reactivity.

Really hear each other and work smart couple podcast accumulated regrettable instances that have not yet been processed in the smart couple podcast Attachment- Invest in the relationship- commit to each other daily and rebuild through responsiveness.

When we do so we are not open or willing to be vulnerable, and this leads to feeling unfulfilled and imagining the grass as greener. You can do something about this! Smart couple podcast back in. Truly listen. As you invest more attention and intention in the relationship you will begin to see your partner beautiful ladies looking real sex Louisville Kentucky fresher and more appreciative eyes, smart couple podcast making the grass over there less green and inviting.

Keep stoking the fire- That incredible sense of being in love does not have an expiration date or a shelf life! You opdcast keep this spark going indefinitely. Say I love you every day and mean it Kiss one another passionately for no reason at all 6 seconds at least Give each smart couple podcast surprise romantic gifts and give compliments on regular basis They know what turns their partner on and off erotically and have a love map Physically affectionate even in public Keep playing and having fun together Ppodcast often gateway to great sex!

Put this list on your fridge! Celebrate it and become an expert at it! Make it your own! Choose your partner each day, and remind them time and time again that they are the one you choose, they are the love of your life. And then Lost attraction? Smart couple podcast can be lost for many pdocast reasons. This can be so painful that people start to feel helpless single housewives want porno orgy Toledo begin to grieve and give up.

If you are feeling less attracted smart couple podcast your partner, ask yourself if perhaps you are caught smart couple podcast a dance of disconnection. Pull towards: Attraction is about much more than sexuality! Attraction is about being pulled towards. We are drawn in by their presence, their openness, and their responsiveness. Disconnection happens in all relationships. Feeling disconnected and then losing a sense of attraction happens often- the key is not to avoid this, but rather to know how to turn it back on.

Pull your partner in. What do you do to help pull your partner towards you? How do you help smart couple podcast them feel safe and connected? Openness and receptiveness are part of the basis of smart couple podcast secure bonds and can help put your partner at ease.

Risk being vulnerable by sharing how you feel podcas transparency and responsibility. I have this longing just to feel you close to me and to know that I have your attention. It is scary for me when I feel this distance between us. Sharing in this way can allow the two of you to cojple each other and learn from each other smart couple podcast you can reconnect and this alone usually solves smart couple podcast problems.

This emotional dance of responsiveness and synchronicity austrian chicks intoxicating, and leads to the smart couple podcast rewarding moments in human life. Finding these moments with your partner will re-engage them out of shutdown. We are wired coulle feel thrill when we are reached. Relationships that samrt connection thrive because they have the safety needed for play and new possibilities of intimacy. Present not perfect: In fact, you can mess up often as long as you are dedicated to smart couple podcast repairs after ruptures.

Attraction fades when there is not enough attention and attuning being given in the relationship. Do not let your relationship run on empty- find ways, daily, to fill up your tank by giving each other time and attention. Do things together! Be together!

Love each other up! Ten Mistake Couples Make about Sex. Couples in committed relationships fall into certain traps and mistakes. Join sex therapist and author Laurie Watson and couples' therapist Dr. Cunnilingus -- How to please. Cunnilingus is an essential part of pleasing your woman. Listen in to a frank, helpful discussion of this essential part of love and smart couple podcast.

YOU are. Listen to this smart couple podcast message from Christine that will remind you of the truth of who you are. EP Coupe Pleasing People with Laura. This episode is about reassurance. Laura is a people pleaser. She then feels disappointed. Laura knows how to be loving and giving; she smart couple podcast needs wife wants nsa Mayhew direct it towards.

Use this call as a catalyst to look at your own patterns smart couple podcast judgment, and douple beating yourself up. The key to personal development is to work on yourself, without thinking anything is wrong with you.

No one outside of you can give you the acceptance and love you need.

Best Episodes of The Smart Couple Podcast by The Relationship School

And, to shift out of couplle pattern, we smart couple podcast to let go of things from our past. We have to come to peace with the fact that some people in our lives are never going to change.

The older they get, the more their patterns are reinforced. You may be the change maker and the lightworker. You may be the one who is willing to break generational patterns. You can love and accept your biological family girls horny nude find your soul family. As Gandhi said, be the change you wish to see in the world.

She wants to know how to break the pattern ocuple being a people pleaser. Ask yourself is this giving really coming from love. Let it go. In Episode I discuss: Identify it. What woman wanting free sex it costing you? Journal ALL of. Your Mind is a Liar Episode Be Smart couple podcast. Grab your Journal: You need smart couple podcast see it to SEE it.

smart couple podcast Resilience is Cokple Game Episode What is Needed Now? SMR There are many areas worth touching when it comes to foreplay and sex. But what about some areas that may get overlooked? Email us at feedback lesbian horoscope matches. A discussion about the logistics of shower sex. And how does a wife grow more comfortable with oral sex on her husband?

Enjoy the. Seven Dimensions of Successful Relationships. Gal Szekely is the founder of The Couples Center, smart couple podcast rapidly growing hub for relationship counseling and education in San Francisco gay guys jerking. His work is especially effective since it integrates mindfulness and the wisdom of the body-mind connection. Gal and his wife, Liron, lead popular weekend premarital workshop for couples called Love Made Simple. In this episode we discuss relationship advice topics that include: Why commitment is the baseline and foundation of smart couple podcast relationship.

Smart couple podcast intimacy can be created simply by putting your hand on your partners back and why this is so important. Why individuality is an important component of a smagt relationship.

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How to create a win-win resolution to your relationship conflicts. Actionable tips to erotic massage windsor more passion in your relationship. How to manage life together and work like a team. Why growing together and becoming better people is so valuable to a smart couple podcast.

Smart Couple Podcast - The Relationship School®

And much more! Sign up at idopodcast. Full Show Notes at http: The online therapy company that believes that therapy should be affordable, confidential and convenient. Join overpeople coupoe have used Talkspace for online therapy with their licensed therapist.

Use the link below, and sign smart couple podcast for a free day trial and one smart couple podcast audiobook download! There are a ton of great relationship audiobooks on Audible.

Consider downloading Smaart 5 Love Languages for your free download. It really helps, and allows us to keep bringing you these episodes each week!

We all have a basic human desire smart couple podcast feel loved and connected to. Listen to today's show to learn how to communicate better with your partner and get back that loving feeling! The big mistake individuals make when trying to get more love smadt connection with their partner.

Becoming aware of your expectations from your partner. Establishing a clear need and proactively asking for it from your partner. Smart couple podcast habits to love our partners better. Samantha Smithstein is a clinical smart couple podcast in San Francisco who specializes in relationships and intimacy and living your best life.

She has been in practice for over 20 years. Full show notes and episode links at: Continue the conversation on our Facebook Group here: Love Tribe Sponsors ForHers: See website for full details. Go to ForHers.

Restrictions apply, see website for full smart couple podcast and safety information. Spark My Relationship Course: Even though it feels so amazing almost addictivethere are major downsides to the "honeymoon period" that are just underneath the surface, your relationship will be at risk unless you know what to look.

Becoming a Conscious Parent with Dr. Load.

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